Ted Shimer, in his  book The Freedom Fight, compared the effects of pornography to the destructive effects of a tsunami. He emphasized how the usage of porn sites has created a public health crisis today in contrast to when in 1962 New York City, the founders of MMM addressed this problem. Shimer continued to explain how computers and SmartPhones have increased porn addiction to a critical and harmful usage. Children are becoming a vulnerable target especially during COVID-19 and remote teaching. Sex education programs launched online teaches that pornography is normal even a few times a day. Shimer states research has shown that viewers of porn have a decreased respect and value of marriage, having children and being faithful in a relationship. One third of Americans in their twenties today will never wed. Shimer’s book holds to God’s word and holds hope, a future to all those who struggle with pornography addiction. 

Dr. Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon, and former HUD director, says the children today, because of the pandemic and its mandates, are the lost generation. He stated that the cure for children could be worse than the disease. Increase in rate of suicide is noted. The lack of scientific knowledge of the vaccine on pregnant women is minimal. The doctor says the question to children that you may be a boy or a girl is devastating. He concludes, the whole thing is child abuse with increase of mental health disorders. 

A Law to Protect Babies Born Alive
This proposed law would require if a child is born alive, all reasonable steps in keeping with good medical practice shall be taken to preserve the life of this child. The petition to vote on this and revoke the Roe Act which takes the life of the child born alive, failed to get the 85,000 qualified signatures necessary to go on the ballot here in Massachusetts last year. However, we know abortion is legal in this country since 1973 and those of us who find the taking of babies’ lives immoral are encouraged as there now exists before the Supreme Court oral arguments in Dobbs V. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case challenging Roe V. Wade. This is the pro-life movement’s best opportunity to overturn this hideous law which has taken over 100,000 babies a  year since its inception. Prayers and vigils have been held throughout the country since December 1, 2021. This case is pending.