TODAY – What? Blatant corruption of Media

  • Anti-Christian attacks with the threat of Satanism in school clubs is on the rise 
  • Our children are being targeted by drugs especially fentanyl 
  • Sex Mandate Bill will allow graphic, grade-level, inappropriate learning soon in our public schools’ curriculum 
  • Abortion is not only legal but the end of life by suicide is a pending option in the U.S. 
  • Freedom of speech and gun control is threatened. What amendment is next? 
  • Parental care of their children is compromised! 
  • Illegal voting is prevalent, therefore voter-ID requirements make sense
  • As in the state of Virginia, obscene books have returned to library shelves showing the misunderstanding of literature’s role 


Diversity, equality, inclusion are not just words but as Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch discovered, was being implemented in Wellesley Public Schools in Massachusetts. Following is a brief synopsis. This Massachusetts school district segregates students/staff based on race. Fitton received 111 pages which confirm the use of ‘affinity spaces’ which divide students and staff based on race as a priority and objective of the school district’s diversity, equity and inclusion plan. It created five district-segregated spaces. Wellesley Public Schools states in its plan for diversity, equality and inclusion, “We will practice risk-taking and challenge one another to continuously examine systems of privilege and bias and work collectively to disrupt and dismantle inequity in all its forms.” Liberty Counsel’s Matt Staver, President, tells us to stand against the Equality Act, HR 5, as it is an assault on freedom and more.

AFA (American Family Association) observes Porn Awareness Week, October 24-31, 2021. As said by Don Wildmon, former president, “Pornography is not the disease but merely a visible sympton. It springs from a moral cancer in our society.” Technology and media have exacerbated more than dirty words, pictures but have permeated the very essence of the culture, addicting not only children and adults, but destroying without guilt the family, which is the major unit of society. Doing the right thing, people, you can make a difference during these dark moments. 

MFI has for the past two years been working closely with parents in Worcester, MA, to protect
students from graphic, anti-family comprehensive sex education. In 2019 we were successful but as is known, Planned Parenthood and their ally, Advocates for Youth, forced two explicit pornographic sex education curricula to be used in the schools. They are titled “Rights, Respect and Responsibility” and “Get Real” for grades K-12. Finally, this year parents have sparked the largest opt-out of sex education with help of MFI encouraging Worcester schools to follow the existing Mass laws regarding opt-out.