Citizens are prime targets of this pandemic. It has been well documented that due to the erratic school scheduling for their safety, students are spending more time on the internet. In view of this premise, we feel the following safety tips for youth should be observed: 

  1. The computer should be in an area where the parent is able to monitor online activities. 
  2. There should be an active interest in the youth’s online activities. 
  3. Warn the youth never to reveal any identifying information such as last name, age, phone number, school name, parents’ names, or their employers. Caution them that predators are expert at accumulating personal data sufficient to locate a user.
  4. Warn them never to arrange an in-person meeting with someone they meet online. 
  5. Not everything posted online is true. The source must always be considered. 

The Roe Infanticide Act which allows abortion on demand up to birth, even if it survives the abortion and removes the requirement that a young girl is sixteen or under does not require parental consent, became law in Massachusetts. Gov. Baker vetoed it with proposed amendments but it was overruled and the measure was passed.