Dylan Mulvaney, born a male, now exhibiting oneself completely as a female, appeared in a Bud Lite commercial and offended many with the result that the company’s sales declined. The absurdity of gender identity and its consequences made people aware of transgender participation in women’s sports and their entry in women’s facilities like bathrooms. Without doubt, the former is unfair and the latter definitely indecent. What has happened to American values?

Transgender Traffic Bill of which will strip parental rights giving not only Maine but also the other 49 states access to the medical procedures which have not yet been proven to be dangerous physically and mentally to these children. It bears repeating that our public libraries consider catering to our children tastes as is evident by the drag queen tutorial being shown within their walls.
Following are some stores, organizations which took advantage of this movement to spread the word with the objective of increasing their revenue. It’s only the beginning!

Kohls: Pride clothes from babies to teens.
Girls Scouts: encourages transgenderism, is more liberal.
Disney: plans new satanic series Pauline.
Target: also sells transgender clothing.