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Our history and its statues memorializing and depicting those events should not be removed or destroyed from public sites in the U.S. The present U.S. administration supports comprehensive sexuality education in the UN policy once again, teaching grade-school children homosexuality and transgenderism are healthy.   Petition asking Bishop Michael Burbidge to reconsider devastating restrictions on…

The cancellation culture wherein the majority of conservatives fail to speak or act against the dangers and atrocities in society today.   Destruction of statues and concrete memorabilia of the past by rioters with disregard of history and civic property.   The proposed policy of protesters to defund police and law enforcement. Absurd!    …

OUR OPINION: Counseling Ban

In Massachusetts, the counseling ban prohibits true counseling for children with either physical or sexual abuse or both. It prevents counselors from allowing and encouraging children to mature biologically.


Trump Nominates Carter to the NEA

Trump nominates new chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts (N.E.A.). Mary Anne Carter with a tremendous service background has served as an advisor to the N.E.A. since last June receiving plaudits of Republicans and Democrats alike.

NCOSE vs. Walmart

National Center of Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) of Morality in Media Corporation, Washington, DC, succeeded in stopping Wal-Mart from selling eroticized child nudity books.

Planned Parenthood 100 years old

Planned Parenthood of the Americas celebrated in October its 100 years anniversary since Margaret Sanger opened the first clinic in Brooklyn, NY, and to date, 7 million babies dead. This is when Hillary’s word deplorable is applicable.

Hotels Limit Pornography

Hotels such as Hilton Worldwide, The Hyatts, The Sherwood Hotel, changed their policy and no longer offer on-demand hardcore pornography to their guests, again to NCOSE influence