The cancellation culture wherein the majority of conservatives fail to speak or act against the dangers and atrocities in society today.


Destruction of statues and concrete memorabilia of the past by rioters with disregard of history and civic property.


The proposed policy of protesters to defund police and law enforcement. Absurd!



Kudos to Nikki Haley who symbolizes the equality for all in beautiful America. She publicly stated at the RNC Convention how she was the first woman of Native Indian immigrants who was provided the opportunity and fairness in this great country to become the Governor of North Carolina and later the American Ambassador to the U.N.


The vow of President Trump to not remove the phrase, “Under God,” in the Pledge of Allegiance is an absolute blessing to every


The stirring endorsement of former NFL player Hershel Walker, of President Trump to four more years and his testimony to the fact that this President is not a racist. In fact, Walker’s affirmation that President Trump has done more for the African population than the previous leaders of this generation is welcome.