Family Research Council President Tony Perkins met this man, our present Speaker of the House, Michael Johnson, two decades ago as a law student of Louisiana State University, and a long friendship ensued with Perkins. Both these men were intent on raising the standard existing. When they ran for the legislature, both followed the Lord first. As Johnson alluded in his speech before the House Chamber, “I was raised in a Christian household. I was conceived by teen-age parents who dropped out of high school to have me. I’m pro-life today because my parents chose life. I am a living example of faithfulness as my parents just trusted God.”

Worth repeating is the way he will govern as Speaker. Johnson said that the only seedbed of virtue for a Christian in public service is in religious faith. Men have to understand that they owe an allegiance to a higher power and they have a judge that is above all others. We should go out and live that boldly and encourage others to do the same. Among those who encouraged him along the way was a mentor who said to him “remember this, “What is popular isn’t always right and what is right isn’t popular.” Tony Perkins said of Mike Johnson that he is a man of purpose that comes from his faith which today is lost in politics. He cares about people. Johnson said to Tony, “It’s a new day and they are going to see a new thing in this Congress. Those who admire him said it too and also should we.” 

Pro-Life Legal Defense Fund
The Pro-Life Legal Defense Fund deserves praise for its objective to litigate cases in which pro-life groups have been denied First Amendment rights. They also work with pro-life students in Massachusetts, including Suffolk University, Boston College, Northeastern University and Harvard University. It was founded in 1975.

The Influence of a Mother
By Dr. Maria Pia Perez
The role of mothers is so vital today in our society. Indeed, John Adams stated, “It is by the female world that the greatest and best characters among men are formed. I have long been of this opinion to such a degree that when I hear of an extraordinary man, good or bad, I naturally inquire who was his mother?” We live in a culture that no longer values the role and influence of mothers. Mothers play a critical role in their children’s lives; I know this first-hand because my mother played a vital role in the person I have become. Our society needs mothers to train and equip the next generation.

Euthanasia Tourism
Nine states (Vermont, Colorado, Maine, Hawaii, New Jersey, New Mexico, Washington, Washington DC, and Oregon allow the people of other states to go to theirs for euthanasia which is legal there.