Only weeks ahead of the first anniversary of the overturning of Roe V Wade and its relegation to the states for determination, it was recorded 15 states declared, banned abortion after 15 weeks and this procedure decreased by 32,260. However, the FDA in January lifted the restrictions to access the abortion pill mifepristone at certain pharmacies and age requirements. Please note Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey issued a Chemical Abortion Executive Order which intends to protect purchasers and providers of the pill from prosecution.

Pro-Life Legal Defense Fund
The Pro-Life Legal Defense Fund deserves praise for its objective to litigate cases in which pro-life groups have been denied First Amendment rights. They also work with pro-life students in Massachusetts, including Suffolk University, Boston College, Northeastern University and Harvard University. It was founded in 1975.

The Influence of a Mother
By Dr. Maria Pia Perez
The role of mothers is so vital today in our society. Indeed, John Adams stated, “It is by the female world that the greatest and best characters among men are formed. I have long been of this opinion to such a degree that when I hear of an extraordinary man, good or bad, I naturally inquire who was his mother?” We live in a culture that no longer values the role and influence of mothers. Mothers play a critical role in their children’s lives; I know this first-hand because my mother played a vital role in the person I have become. Our society needs mothers to train and equip the next generation.

Euthanasia Tourism
Nine states (Vermont, Colorado, Maine, Hawaii, New Jersey, New Mexico, Washington, Washington DC, and Oregon allow the people of other states to go to theirs for euthanasia which is legal there.