4-STAR RECIPIENT — Lonnie Brennan


Morality in Media of Massachusetts met him years ago when as a small business owner he had dreams of political office which did not materialize. However, he was destined to reach out and influence more people as publisher/editor-in-chief Boston Broadside, the only non-liberal, mass-distributed newspaper in New England, now shipping to subscribers to 33 states!

The Boston Broadside is the only non-liberal, common sense newspaper which seeks to let the other side be heard who the typical extremist liberal media ignores. It points to free speech; to a voice for the voiceless; to those who fight for liberty for their families; and for the future of our nation. 

Lonnie Brennan is indeed a hero who had the foresight, endurance and courage to initiate such a periodical which gave Jeff Kuhner, Jim Lyons, Geoff Diehl, Michele Malkin, Patrick Buchanan and countless others, including the common person like you and me, a chance to speak out. Our gratitude to Lonnie Brennan, a definite hero of our times.