Be careful – little eyes see what you see

For 26 years, Parents Television and Media Council (PTC) has faithfully fought to protect children from graphic exposure in entertainment media. PTC has seen networks replaced by online streaming services. A 2021 study conducted by the Trade Desk reported that streaming consumption accounts for 68% of tv viewing, accounts for 68% by children versus 28% for regular, traditional viewing. However, parents have to learn as much as they can about the streaming service because the landscape is especially perilous for children and teens. Some lump teen-targeted content with children’s content. 

Religious liberty under attack like never before!
By Renew Massachusetts Coalition 

¨Tumultuous days lie ahead as we wait to see how quickly protections for [religious liberty] groups won by the Trump administration will be repealed and replaced by coercive measures insensitive to their concerns,¨ Robert Morse from the Thomas More Society told the Epoch Times. More goes on to say that this executive order will impact health care providers and private and religious schools the most. But the executive order is even broader than that. Massachusetts has led the way in advancing the radical social experiment of gender identity, that is, claiming to be any gender at any time. Now businesses owned by people of faith have to allow men into women’s locker rooms. Our schools have to allow teenage boys into girls´ locker rooms and allow boys who claim they are girls to compete in girls´ sports! While there are religious exemptions for churches contained in these laws, the Counseling Ban, passed in 2019, which prohibits counselors of faith from treating gender confusion in boys and girls, in a faith-consistent way, has no such protections. But weŕe fighting back! (Bill Gillmeister, Executive Director) 

Some 2022 Initiative Petitions

21-04 Initiative Petition for a Law to Require Voter Identification in Massachusetts
This is a MassGOP sponsored petition and would require a photo ID when voting in person at the polls.
Tatyana Semyrog: 617-901-9068
21-05 Initiative Petition for a Law to Preserve the Lives of Children Born Alive
This is another MassGOP petition and, if a child is born alive, would require all reasonable steps, in keeping with good medical practice, to preserve the life of the child.
Bernadette Lyons: 978-886-6331
21-15 Initiative Petition for  a Law Relative to Hate Crimes
Adds the words “retired/current first responders” to the list of categories a person can be charged with a hate 
crime. Obviously directed to those who hate our police, EMTs, sheriffs and so forth.
21-18 An Acct Preserving Consumer Access to Gasoline and Other Motor Fuels
This petition would keep the Mass. government from passing taxes, disincentives or regulations which could cause shortages of gasoline or other automobile carbon-based fuels in the future. This is to prevent the artificial push to convert to electric cars from harming those who wish to stay with the gasoline-powered vehicles.
Rep. David DeCoste: 617-519-7403
21-19 Initiative Petition for a Law Relative to Our Nation’s History
The fourth MassGOP petition is to prevent teaching of Critical Race Theory in the schools.
Summer Schmaling: 508-685-2114