Sex Mandate

The Sex Mandate has been tabled three times, but this time it was passed with a few revisions by the Massachusetts Senate.  Primarily, you should know it allows Planned Parenthood to determine the curriculum. This Healthy Youth Act makes all schools teaching sex education must follow the framework within and involves school children from ages 12 to high-school age. Local schools must follow the guidelines stated as the Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) would now be in charge, taking it also out of parents’ hands. 


Free Speech Has a Home Here
The content of the Get Real curricula by Planned Parenthood is part of it and is required by DESE to be age appropriate and medically accurate yet it is shockingly offensive. Although it now allows parents to opt their children out and allows the concept of abstinence as an option, the majority of the content instructs children how to engage in explicit sexual activity, making the abstinence message ineffective. One example uses sexual role playing in a 7th-grade classroom.  Please contact your Massachusetts Representative NOW before it becomes LAW. Remember, it has already passed the Senate.
MassGOP now located in Woburn, MA, emphasizes and stresses strongly its support of free speech not only here but everywhere. Therefore, when this issue became apparent, its chairman Jim Lyons felt obligated to alert Massachusetts residents and all its supporters the following, which we agree is necessary to publicize: Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, a conservative pro-family legal organization focusing on justice for we the people, is taking Dedham, MA, football coach dismissed by administrators last month after questioning his 7th-grade daughter’s class curriculum. The coach is a Dedham resident and speaking as a parent, objected to the instruction of critical race theory, identity politics, and the propaganda distributed by a far-left political organization in the daughter’s History class. We encourage anyone to contact Dedham and defend the First Amendment rights of this parent.