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Is caring about the culture a waste of time?

President of AFA, Tim Wildmon, who was MMM’s guest speaker in Nov., 2001, right after the terrible event of 9-11, answers the question to him frequently asked, “Is caring about the culture a waste of time?” He answered as follows; “I would certainly understand there are some things one would think a Christian community should…

“If I Had A Hammer” AFA Article

AFA Journal, December 2018, stated in a lengthy article entitled “If I Had a Hammer,” that when careless parents put smart phones in the hands of clueless kids, lives can be smashed. Author Tony Reinke wrote for every voice raised in praise of smart phones, there is a voice to bemoan the negative. It allows…

School Board in Pennsylvania Adopts Policy

A warning to parents, a school board in Pennsylvania adopted a policy in 2017 that permitted school staff to use taxpayer funds to create a social and medical ‘transition plan’ for gender-confused students, hormone replacement therapy, or surgery without parental knowledge. Liberty Counsel has expressed opposition and legal ramifications.

EWTN wins its lawsuit

EWTN wins its lawsuit over the U.S. Health and Human Services Dept. mandate which regarded organizations and businesses to provide in health plans of their employees contraception, sterilization, and abortificients. After seven years, this global Catholic network prevailed in its lawsuit against the U.S. Government and for all those who value religious liberty in America.…

Congress Funded Planned Parenthood

Congress funded Planned Parenthood and aborted baby parts under shadow of the Supreme Court Justice hearing. This was made possible because the legislation included four major federal departments, including Defense, Labor, and Education which would have been denied funding; therefore, forcing those legislators who opposed this Planned Parenthood funding to be passed and signed by…

Bathroom & Locker Room Bill

Many of the states as Texas and Massachusetts are in the process of repealing the Bathroom and Locker Room Bill. For those who may not be familiar with its content succinctly, it allows on to use those rooms which they feel corresponds with the gender they identify to be, regardless of their biological birth gender.

AFA Boycotts Target

American Family Association (AFA) continues to tag Target stores for boycott in opposition to their implementing the Bathroom and Locker-room Bill. To the best of our information, some Target stores have complied with its customers to discontinue fulfilling the particulars of this Bill. In Massachusetts, the required number of signatures has been attained for repeal…

Sanctuary Cities Ends

The ending of sanctuary cities in our country by de-funding them will be an issue here in Massachusetts. Again, your opinion should be related to your legislators if this is of concern.

Common Core Repeal

In addition to repealing and redoing ObamaCare, President Trump’s administration promises to repeal Common Core which mandated school curriculum in opposition to local control and input.