Is caring about the culture a waste of time?

President of AFA, Tim Wildmon, who was MMM’s guest speaker in Nov., 2001, right after the terrible event of 9-11, answers the question to him frequently asked, “Is caring about the culture a waste of time?” He answered as follows; “I would certainly understand there are some things one would think a Christian community should address instead of porn, immorality in media, and unfavorable values, but someone has to do it, though, it is a thankless job. However, given the enormous power of Hollywood to affect popular culture, it seems to me that there has to be organized efforts that serve as a counterbalance to raise a standard to be soft and light, if you will. We believe the cultural and personal impact of music, movies and television is real. Promiscuity on TV shows leads to more in real life. Advertisers understand the power of media and so we should understand the power of the message. I contend that striving to preserve a healthy moral environment for our children and grandchildren is no waste of time.” Thank you, Tim!