H3536 An Act relative to the Cannabis Control Commission’s authority regarding host community agreements.



S2191 An Act relative to abusive practices to change sexual orientation and gender identity in minors.


A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) was successful in removing a rape video game, among others, from the company Steam’s supply, the latter being a major video game distributor. This game, accessible to teens and others, features rape and murder of women. As psychologists have constantly stated explicit porn has a devastating effect on…

U.N. Taxpayer’s Support of Israel

The recent anti-Israel resolution will case long lasting damage to its nation. The members of the House Freedom Caucus are meeting to consider new legislation to strip the U.N.’s taxpayer support. Israel is one of the U.S.’s faithful allies.

MTA Votes for Increased Funding

The Boston Broadside—The People’s Paper, Jan., 2019, published an article which revealed that the Massachusetts Teachers’ Association (MTA) voted unanimously to endorse and finance their Fund and Future Campaign, whose goal is to pass legislation by May 1 to increase state funding of education more than $1.5 billion a year. One billion would be for…

The Gosnell Highlights Pro-Choice to Pro-Life Experience

The Gosnell movie about a well-known abortionist, was viewed by a University of Central Florida student Kathy Zlu, who has almost 50,000 social media followers and this happened. She went from pro-choice to pro-life and urged her followers to see the film, which is about late-term abortion that gave her insight of the horrors involved…

Abstinence Based Sex Education

Stoneham Selectwoman Caroline Colarusso in The Stoneham Independent Dec 26, 2018, submitted an interesting article concerning “Abstinence Based Sex Education.” It briefly stated that the Commonwealth of Mass Dept. of Public Health has been awarded a federal grant of $808,000 to teach teenagers to abstain from sex before marriage.* Applicants need to emphasize healthy relationships,…