Manifestations of this Cultural Revolution in MA

The following documentations are manifestations of this cultural revolution in Massachusetts:

  1. The Roe Act in Massachusetts which expands abortion to birth with the consent of the mother and doctor has been temporarily set aside and will be scheduled for a vote in November 2020. Continue to call your legislators in opposition.
  2. The case to make Massachusetts a sanctuary state began with the state’s Supreme Judicial Court ruling the state officers are not legally permitted to comply with ICE detainers. This became the first step toward the state’s dealing with undocumented immigrants. As of now, Massachusetts is not legally a Sanctuary State, but we should still be aware of this ruling and its possible development. Call the State House at (617)722-2000 to voice your opinion.
  3. The school year 2020-2021 for public school children in Massachusetts will be modified because of the pandemic. Their attendance will be hybrid, part virtual and part in-person learning dictated by their districts to provide a safe teaching environment. In addition, Massachusetts will require all public school students as well as daycare children to get flu shots and thus making Massachusetts the first state to require children over the age of 5 years of such vaccination. This is an important step to reduce flu-related illnesses during Covid 19 pandemic. Dr. Robert Redfield, Director of the Public Health US Center, urges all Americans to get vaccinated against the flu for the same reason. Home-schooled K-12 children are exempt and off-campus higher education students in remote learning too.
  4. When the US Supreme Court illegitimately redefined marriage in their infamous 5-4 decision in the Obergefell case, we warned that among the consequences that would soon come is the inability to limit marriage to two people. That day is closer than ever to reality.In the city of Somerville, MA, the City Council has unanimously passed an ordinance officially providing legal recognition of “polyamorous” relationships. The Mayor has signed the proposal into law. The purpose of this new law is to, “[move] towards a legal understanding of family that’s as comprehensive as it needs to be to serve all families.”Longtime supporters of NOM will recall that it was in Massachusetts where the same-sex ‘marriage’ battle came to a head when a court took the unprecedented step of redefining marriage in that state. Now they are leading the way on polygamy as well. Their desire to give legal recognition “to serve all families” is consistent with the stated — and highly flawed — reasoning articulated by the Supreme Court justices who imposed same-sex ‘marriage’ on the nation.    NOM Campaign Against Polygamy 7/16/20