Planned Parenthood 100 years old

Planned Parenthood of the Americas celebrated in October its 100 years anniversary since Margaret Sanger opened the first clinic in Brooklyn, NY, and to date, 7 million babies dead. This is when Hillary’s word deplorable is applicable.

Hotels Limit Pornography

Hotels such as Hilton Worldwide, The Hyatts, The Sherwood Hotel, changed their policy and no longer offer on-demand hardcore pornography to their guests, again to NCOSE influence

Right to Die Goes to Lawmakers

In Massachusetts, Attorney General Maura Healey wants lawmakers, not the courts, to decide the right-to-die issue. Her opinion resulted from the following situation: A retired physician , Dr. Roger Kligler, a cancer patient himself, has filed a lawsuit against the Attorney General to have the option of attaining lethal drugs to hasten his death and…