Trump Nominates Carter to the NEA

Trump nominates new chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts (N.E.A.). Mary Anne Carter with a tremendous service background has served as an advisor to the N.E.A. since last June receiving plaudits of Republicans and Democrats alike.


In our long back-and-forth with Google over the years, one thing we have asked for is that they make their built-in filter, called Safe Search, much more visible. A filter is only useful if users know it’s there. Specifically, we have met with Google executives and asked for Safe Search to be put in the…

How Precisely Is Diversity A Strength?

In the Sept. 27, 2018 The Wanderer, Patrick Buchanan answers the question, “How precisely is diversity our strength because of the racial, ethnic, cultural and religious diversity of a nation.” Buchanan cites situations in many countries around the world where this premise proved incorrect but states if the establishment is proven wrong about greater diversity…