Morality in Action

MMM’s Fall Buffet Dinner Social

On this evening, Jeff Kuhner, talk show host of WRKO Radio’s “Kuhner Report” and Representative Jim Lyons of Andover, both aptly and truthfully addressed, “Wake Up America; Changes in Our Culture ~ Our Hopes.” The guests were not only informed, but openly expressed how they were inspired.

Certificates of Recognition were awarded to the following guests for their dedication to pro-life/pro-family endeavors:

  • President Robert Joyce, Esq. and Philip Moran Esq. former president of the Pro-Life Legal Defense Fund (PLLDF)
  • President Andrew Beckwith, Esq. Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI)
  • Director Frank Geary, Helping Our Troops
  • Pastor Kris Mineau, President Emeritus, MFI
  • Roy Scarpato, Esq. Primary Founder, PLLDF
  • Maureen Trainor, Catholic Daughters of Americas, State Regent