A Letter from the President

Dear Supporters:

In New England, as the bleak days of winter ebb and the brighter, warmer season of spring makes its debut, our hope for better and more peaceful times becomes considered. However, we cannot ignore the unrest that exists in government, church, media, education, nature and even families. Violence is rampant, with disrespect, divisiveness, disparity, religious bashing and the labeling of political correctness indiscriminately prevalent.

These challenges cannot go unanswered. Many of us agree that to do nothing is to give silent consent. To be afraid to speak out or take action only strengthens these existing negatives. Our belief in Judeo-Christian values belies withdrawal from confronting these societal threats. Often quoted and heard is the saying, ‘We reap what we sow’ and there is no doubt, this has merit and we have to take heed with the help of God.

Thank you –