Steve Hilton; Family breakdown is the biggest issue America refuses to talk about

In the wake of the shooting at a Florida High School last year, Steve Hilton, host of Fox News Channel’s “The Next Revolution,” at 9PM EST on Sunday concluded the following: An angry debate ensued after the shooting but he felt the social breakdown in America and most developed countries for the past few decades bears the greatest impact. He asserts the loss of a sense of community and neighborliness and failing trust in each other and most of all, the family breakdown, the biggest issue, was not addressed.

Strong families are the foundation of a strong, prosperous society. Individuals who have unstable family backgrounds may possess an instrumental factor in risky behavior. More and more children are growing in a culture of toxic stress and violence. Most of these children do not commit a crime but live in poverty, suffer addiction or suffer homelessness or persistent unemployment. Trapped in the effects of these social issues means the need to confront something very personal and that isn’t a reality.

Whichever way you look at it, we end up with the family. The best thing we can do is increase opportunity, build a fairer society, fight crime and drug addiction, reduce welfare and try to make sure every child in America is raised in a stable, loving home.