Morality in Media of Massachusetts




Media Outlets




The Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) went into effect
on April 20, 2001 and required public libraries and schools to install
mandatory filters on every computer for the purpose of blocking
pornography therein. If the community did not comply with this federal
legislation, schools and libraries would lose federal monies. ACLU and
the American Library Association have brought a number of cases
against this law in various courts stating it violates the
First Ammendment rights of its patrons.The ruling has gone first
in favor of CIPA, then in a higher court against it and currently,
the Justice Department, acting on behalf of the Federal
Communications Commission and the U.S. Institute of Museum and
Library Sciences notified the Supreme Court that it would appeal this.

What should you do?

If you share the same concerns we have for the safety of our
children using computers in these public buildings without blocking,
question your libraries and schools about their compliance with the
law as it stands , for they do have to fulfill certain requirements
right now to receive funding.